Case Study

Barton Health

Barton Health serves the health care needs of residents in Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley areas. Nearly 1,000 employees work for Barton Health in 40 departments and 16 physician offices. The vision of Barton Health is to rise to new heights in the delivery of healthcare by committing resources to sustain their critical presence in the community. Barton Health patients receive consistently exceptional care in a facility that caters to their needs and cares about their experience.

The situation

Barton Health connects about 26 different facilities in northern California and Nevada including ski and community clinics, a surgery center, urgent care, physician offices, a skilled nursing facility, outpatient services, a 24/7 emergency room and hospital with acute care capability. Medical use of technology—particularly data sharing and medical imaging files—continues to change rapidly and Barton Health is able to offer cutting edge specialty procedures and care that in many cases utilize speedy internet access and data transfer. For instance, Barton Health uses a Telehealth program that brings specialty medical services through video-conferencing to their patients to provide care that cannot be typically offered in a rural setting.

The solution

Barton Health has found the wide range of services and connectivity offered by Spectrum Business to be a great fit for their varying needs. Barton Health uses 5Mbps and 10Mbps P2P (point-to-point) fiber to connect with many of the off-site locations, then connects to the LAN (local-area network). They also use cable modems to connect to the VPN (virtual private network) at some locations and are just starting to incorporate an Ethernet hand-off. Recently, Spectrum Business installed 100 Mbps P2P fiber between Barton Health’s Lake Tahoe site and Reno, Nevada, where a variety of applications are hosted. Spectrum Business also partnered to build a redundant 45 Mbps fiber path between Reno and the Carson Valley Medical Center.

“We can't afford to be down at all, ever. Spectrum Business has been very reliable.”

– Joe Doherty, Network Administrator

Barton Health offers 5 Mbps on their guest network as well as remote access. Three of the locations use Spectrum Business’s T-1 PRI phone systems for outbound calls and cable TV is also provided in the Barton Memorial Hospital and many clinic locations.

Dependability critical

Many of the Barton Health facilities operate 24/7 and the important work they do to heal patients demands top reliability in their communications providers. Barton Health uses multiple service providers to ensure redundancy in case of unforeseen outages and utilizes load balancing methodology that automatically routes data over available lines. “We can’t afford to be down at all, ever,” said Network Administrator Joe Doherty. “Spectrum Business has been very reliable.”

Great infrastructure enhances service

“Charter Business has an excellent infrastructure and not many competitors do,” said Doherty. “It particularly makes it easier and less costly to do business between states—which we do a lot of.” Doherty also likes that Spectrum Business is at the forefront of new technologies and has been able to suggest and provide new services that better meet Barton Health’s changing needs. “We began using P2P for our fiber infrastructure, but that network has evolved over time as new services became available, such as PRI’s for our PBX’s and cable modems with the Ethernet handoff.”

Customer focus a key vital sign

“Spectrum Business employees are very easy to work with. They know our business and provide good suggestions.”

– Joe Doherty, Network Administrator

While it’s important to have competitive pricing, the customer service aspect is more important. “Obviously the pricing is a main consideration and Spectrum Business has competitive prices,” said Doherty. “But I look for extraordinary service more than price. For instance, we order many different services through Spectrum Business so our invoice is extensive. Our account representative provides me with a complete inventory of services, rates and expiration dates to help me make sure the bills are accurate and that we delete services we no longer need.”

Diagnosis: Spectrum Business is a great choice

“Spectrum Business employees are very easy to work with,” said Doherty. “They know our business and provide good suggestions. If there’s ever a problem, they are easy to reach and immediately get it fixed. The local team is always in contact with us, even when there aren’t problems. I would definitely recommend Spectrum Business to other businesses. They provide great services that we need and extremely reliable service. They are easy to reach to resolve any problem and the local team works with you like a partner.”