With Spectrum Business Ethernet, you can lower the expenses of maintaining a WAN and still connect your multiple office locations with the level of performance and reliability your business requires.

Which service is right for you?

Reliable, Affordable Metro and Long Haul Optical Ethernet Service

Spectrum Business Optical Ethernet service offers reliable, ultra-fast Layer 2 WAN connectivity with speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, in 10 Mbps increments. Choose between point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or multipoint-to-multipoint (any to any) network configurations between two or more sites, with the ability to add locations or bandwidth as your business grows.

Performance Backed by Accountability

Spectrum Business offers 3 levels of network performance backed by service level agreements:

  • Premier - Ideal for voice and video
  • Express - Streaming Apps, VPN, Backup
  • Standard - Internet, site-to-site file transfer

Choose from Multiple Configurations

Spectrum Business Ethernet service offers generous bandwidth with three flexible configuration options, allowing you to build a tailor-made high-speed data network:

Ethernet Private Line (Point to Point)

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) is a point-to-point Ethernet Private Line (EPL) configuration that offers a committed information rate connection to connect both metro and long haul optical locations. It's ideal if you want full control of your network with the simplicity of a point-to-point connection.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (Point to Multi-point)

If you need a point to multipoint connection to link a central headquarters or data center to multiple offices, your best option is Ethernet Virtual Private Line service (EVPL).

Ethernet Private LAN (Multipoint) With Fiber Endpoint

The multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet Private LAN (EPLAN) service offers the ultimate in flexibility, connecting all locations to create a secure, shared-data network.

In addition to offering multipoint connectivity and hub and spoke configuration, EVPL doesn't require you to hire dedicated IT staff to manage it. Instead, Charter Business will handle the configuration and management of the connections based on quality-of-service guidelines you set.

Cost-efficient rates for schools and libraries.

The Spectrum Business Network Operations Center is a certified service provider for the E-rate and Rural Health Care (RHC) programs. Administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), these programs offer discounts to eligible schools, libraries and rural healthcare providers.

Connect multiple offices cost-effectively.

The L2TPv3-based service provides a low-cost alternative to Optical Ethernet that leverages Charter's wide-reaching hybrid-fiber-coax (HFC) network to deliver transparent Layer 2 service to your locations.

Presenting a reliable, flexible alternative for your Wide Area Network
  • Ability to easily connect coax-only locations or connect your coax endpoints seamlessly with one or more Spectrum Business Optical Ethernet endpoints.
Support for standard Ethernet topologies:
  • Ethernet Private Line (point-to-point)
  • Ethernet Local Area Network (multipoint-to-multipoint, fully meshed)
A wide variety of bandwidth options:
  • Symmetric speeds from 1M to 5M
  • Asymmetric speeds up to 30M/3M
  • Faster speeds can be supported by Optical Ethernet

Ethernet Private Line

A point-to-point Ethernet Private Line (EPL) configuration offers a committed information rate connection. It also offers control, allowing you to configure the connection to carry data and voice traffic, as well as other IP applications to suit your needs. As such, it is ideal if you want full control of your network with the simplicity of a point-to-point connection.

Ethernet Private LAN (Multipoint) with Fiber Endpoint

The multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet Private LAN (EPLAN) service offers the ultimate in flexibility. Connecting all locations to create a secure, shared-data network. It can also mix in point-to-multipoint connections, allowing you to route traffic securely between any endpoints. For that reason, EPLAN may offer an enterprise the greatest degree of network flexibility.

Spectrum Business knows how important network reliability is – that's why we offer Ethernet services that address network performance levels and response thresholds. Please ask your account representative for full details.

The customized services you need
  • Transparent Layer 2 support to provide private line and LAN services
  • A ubiquitous service provided via standardized equipment
  • Operates with existing LAN equipment and networks
  • Flexible additions, deletions and other changes to your topology
  • Replaces legacy leased line and other industry standard WAN solutions
The scalability to do more
  • A network service that is ideal for the widest variety of business, information, communications and entertainment applications
  • Bandwidth is available on a site-by-site basis and multiple coax sites can be connected with fiber endpoints
  • Lower total cost of ownership compared to other industry solutions
The flexibility to go farther
  • A wide variety of bandwidth options to suit your needs
  • Transparent Layer 2 service that allows you to manage your own network and IP space with an agnostic network protocol.

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Not all features available in all markets.