Layer 3 VPN

The Spectrum Business Layer 3 VPN Service offers your business a flexible, high-speed service capable of handling just about any business traffic. Now you can securely connect multiple business locations within the Charter Network footprint at speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. Plus, converging multiple networks or all your voice, video and data traffic is greatly simplified with the Spectrum Business Layer 3 VPN Service. And, because your traffic is segregated from other customers and the public internet, your traffic is secure.

How You Can Use It

The Spectrum Business Layer 3 VPN Service is based on an underlying Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) platform. It allows you to:

  • Simplify your network
  • Lower your network operating costs
  • Easily deploy applications across your network
  • Choose your configuration: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or multipoint-to-multipoint
  • For example, if you have several locations you can use this service to connect your branches to the headquarters for a unified voice and data network.
Provide your Business with:
  • Metro and Long-Haul Connectivity
    The Spectrum Business Layer 3 VPN Service allows you to link business locations within a metro area as well as offices dispersed across the country*. Metro and long-haul service is available wherever Spectrum Business offers service across the country.

  • Scalability
    With Spectrum Business, you can easily grow your traffic from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps as needed. You can also add other fiber locations to your network anywhere within the Charter footprint. As a Layer 3 service, you also have the ability to migrate voice, data, video and other traffic consolidated over one network over time.

  • Control and Visibility
    Spectrum Business Layer 3 VPN puts the visibility and routing control of your network into your hands which is particularly useful if you are running a network with more than two endpoints. Now you can control whether each endpoint is fully meshed or has restricted access and make changes as necessary through BGP routing. Also, because you can integrate voice, video and data traffic over one network, it gives you one point of control for multiple traffic types.

  • Easy Integration
    As a Layer 3 service, you can easily integrate this service with existing Layer 3 equipment via a standardized IEEE interface. Also, your applications that run at Layer 3 will be easily compatible with this service.

  • Network Diversity
    The Charter Network offers you the unique ability to create true physical diversity from other links you might have on your network, especially in metro areas. Since our network was built from the ground up it is often inherently physically diverse from traditional telecom providers, whose networks typically travel the same physical pathways.

Count On Us

We understand how important it is that your essential information is transmitted and received without fail. Your traffic will traverse our fiber optic network which is exclusively managed and operated by Charter Business. We constantly monitor the network from our Dedicated Charter Business Network Operations Center 24/7/365. Our commitment to reliability is why our network is trusted by numerous enterprise customers to carry their mission critical traffic.

Layer 2 Versus Layer 3 Key Service Considerations

Spectrum Business offers both Layer 2 and Layer 3 services — Spectrum Business Optical Ethernet Service and Charter Business Layer 3 VPN Service. When deciding between a Layer 2 versus Layer 3 networking solution, it's best to evaluate the benefits of both and consider which one best fits your needs.

The vast majority of enterprises deploy Ethernet in their LANs. They understand the benefits of Ethernet and prefer this technology when connecting to their service provider demarcation points. This is true regardless of whether the enterprise will purchase Layer 2 Ethernet or Layer 3 IP VPN service from their service provider. However, beyond this demarcation point, the decision to choose Ethernet Layer 2 or Layer 3 service ultimately depends on business criteria as well as existing technology in place.

The attributes in the chart below provide considerations for making the best business and technological choice for your business.

Layer 2
Spectrum Business Optical Ethernet Service

  • Enables transparent LAN services by extending your LAN across the Metropolitan Area (MAN) and Wide Area (WAN)
  • Connect to the service using your existing switch or router
  • Private Layer 2 Ethernet VPNs offering varying Charter implemented connectivity options (Point-to-Point, MultiPoint-to-MultiPoint, Point-to-MultiPoint)
  • Metro Ethernet Forum Standards based service offering
  • Highly flexible and scalable Ethernet bandwidth (in lieu of "bulky" TDM/SONET bandwidth increments)
  • National Point-to-Point connectivity
  • Transparently pass your Layer 3 protocols (IP, AppleTalk, DECnet, IPX, etc.) over the Charter Optical Ethernet service
  • You (the Enterprise) control Layer 3 networking and routing decisions end-to-end
  • Your IT department already understands the Ethernet technology (Ethernet) used for this service

Layer 3
Spectrum Business Layer 3 VPN Service

  • While network and some routing control reside with Charter, the customer routing is limited only by max prefix list (many service providers do not allow customers to control routing with Layer 3 VPNs)
  • Scalable and simplified addition of connectivity to new customer locations to the existing service (explicit connection of the new location to each existing location not needed)
  • National support of any connectivity type
  • BGP routing protocol is supported
  • Full mesh connectivity between customer endpoints with customer routes determining which traffic reaches what destinations
  • Use a low cost Ethernet port from your existing Layer 3 equipment (router) to connect to this service
  • Your IT department already has familiarity with the common and ubiquitous IP protocol

If you would like additional information or a consultation regarding which solution might be best for you, please contact 888.692.8635.

Not all features available in all markets.