Case Study

SMS Masterminds

Founded in 2009, SMS Masterminds is a national full-service mobile and loyalty marketing agency ranked No. 731 on the 2013 Inc. magazine’s 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America and No. 66 on the magazine’s list of Top Software Companies. The company provides a new, data-driven approach to mobile marketing that combines SMS/text messaging, mobile web and email to help small and medium businesses create stronger relationships with their customers through proprietary social and mobile marketing tools. More than 1.2 million people have opted into SMS Mastermind’s platform via kiosks located in businesses in 65 markets across the US.

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With a mobile platform that relies heavily on cloud-based technology for web site hosting, affiliate training and mobile message delivery, SMS Masterminds needed a high-speed, reliable Internet connection and phone service to support its mercurial growth. When the company rolled out its first solution in 2009, it relied on a DSL connection provided by the phone company. SMS Masterminds soon discovered DSL couldn’t provide the speed or dependability they needed to take advantage of advanced cloud technology or scale to deliver a growing number of mobile messages. To support its growth, SMS Masterminds needed a faster, more reliable, yet affordable Internet and phone partner for their business to succeed and scale.


In its search for the right Internet partner, SMS Masterminds explored several Internet connectivity options, including T-1 and T-2 lines, before they chose Spectrum Business Internet in 2010. The Spectrum Business solution provided 25Mbps data transmission speed—over 4 times faster than 6 Mbps DSL—as well as greater bandwidth and scalability to accommodate imminent growth. To meet the needs of its busy sales force, SMS Masterminds also selected Spectrum Business Phone, allowing the company to integrate its existing office phone, cell phone, and home phone so affiliates can reach sales staff at any time by calling just one number.

After deploying Spectrum Business Internet and Business Phone, SMS Masterminds recognized significantly higher transmission speeds that supported its cloud-based tools, online training, and automated messaging systems. Since its original implementation, SMS Masterminds has upgraded to Charter’s 30Mbps Business Internet service, providing lightning-fast Internet for its growing business. “Spectrum Business gave us the high speed capabilities we needed to deliver our cloud-based tools, provide exceptional service for our customers, and scale and grow our business,” said Luke Wallace, SMS Masterminds co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. “When we compared costs per Mbps with other provider solutions, Charter was by far the best value.”

“Spectrum Business gave us the high speed capabilities we needed to take advantage of our cloud-based tools and server-based technology at the core of our business. Spectrum Business also provides exceptional service for our customers, and scales to meet the growth of our business.”

– Luke Wallace, SMS Masterminds Chief Operating Officer


Accelerates Growth

When SMS Masterminds first switched to Spectrum Business Internet and phone services in 2010, the company only served customers in five markets. Thanks to Spectrum Business’s higher speed and scalability, the company was able to accelerate its expansion plans to 65 markets — and attain a 630% compounded revenue growth. Part of that growth included additional office and field staff that provided customer support, training and sales which relied heavily on Spectrum Business Phone to qualify and enroll affiliate members. “The phones are the lifeblood of our sales force. With Spectrum Business phone lines, we have a very reliable service that is not only scalable, but also very affordable,” said Wallace.

During this period of rapid expansion, SMS Masterminds had to scale quickly. Any disruptions in Internet or phone services could cause irreparable problems for the company and its customers. “Spectrum Business really understood our unique needs. Their solutions provide rock solid and blazing fast Internet connections, which for a digital business is paramount to staying efficient and getting work done,” said Wallace.

Improves Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

SMS Masterminds relies on a host of best-in-class, cloud-based tools to deliver a seamless experience for its business affiliates, merchants and their clientele. With Spectrum Business High Speed Internet, SMS Mastermind’s support teams have the tools they need to stay productive. They can instantly access, enter and update new information, and quickly respond to all customer issues.

“We like to think of ourselves as the Cadillac of customer service to our affiliates in each market,” said Wallace. “With Spectrum Business Internet and phone, we are very responsive and our customers really appreciate our ability to provide immediate assistance. The phone services even allow us to redirect after-hour calls to further boost productivity and customer satisfaction.”

The Bottom Line

As a growing mobile loyalty marketing agency, lightning fast, reliable and scalable Internet services is critical to the continued success of SMS Masterminds. Providing time-sensitive offers to 1.2 million mobile consumers across 65 markets leaves no room for error. Any disruptions or slow service — for any reason — can result in problems for customers and lost business for SMS Masterminds. “If we didn’t have Spectrum Business’s reliable, high-speed Business Internet, we could not have supported our rapid expansion and maintained the high level of quality our customers are accustomed to,” said Wallace.

To keep up with its explosive customer and revenue growth, SMS Masterminds continues to expand its staff and explore additional office locations. “Spectrum Business was instrumental in helping us gain a position on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America,” said Wallace. “Spectrum Business solutions provide the speed, bandwidth and industry-leading support that continue to fuel our rapid growth into additional U.S. markets and then internationally to Canada, Central and South America, and beyond.”