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The Charter Business® Web Hosting platform allows you to register a business specific domain, set up Microsoft Exchange based email service and establish a web presence. Click the links below to access the relevant portal, as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Technical Specifications. We encourage you to bookmark these links so that you may reference them in the future.

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Getting Started FAQs

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What Email, Web Hosting, & Domain services does Charter Business provide my business?

How do I manage my domains, e-mail and website?

How do I reset my password if I cannot log into the control panel?

How do I reset my admin password from inside the control panel?

Email Accounts and Settings FAQs

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How do I create a new e-mail address?

How do I change or reset a password for an email account?

How do I access my email?

What is the difference between POP3/IMAP mailboxes and Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes?

How do I download my copy of Microsoft Outlook?

What mobile devices can automatically sync my e-mail, contacts, and calendar using ActiveSync?

Are there limits to the number of recipients or size of an email message?

How do I get additional email accounts?

How do I get additional storage and allocate unused storage to users?

Domain Registration FAQs

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Why should I register a domain?

Does Charter Business require me to use a domain?

Who "owns" my registered domain name?

How do I register a new domain?

Domain Transfer FAQs

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How do I transfer an existing domain?

I'm not sure where my current domain is registered. How do I find out who is my current domain registrar?

How do I transfer my domain from my current domain registrar?

Advanced Domain Administration and Management FAQs

Note: It is highly recommended that you are familiar with DNS administration prior to making any changes to your domain settings. If you are not familiar with the terms within this section, it is suggested contact your web designer or IT contact, or contact Charter Business customer care for more information before making any changes.

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How do I manage advanced DNS settings for a domain hosted by Charter Business?

What is a Subdomain?

How do I create a Subdomain?

Web Hosting FAQs

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How do I set up my Web Site (aka Web Hosting)?

I've never built a website before. How do I get started?

Can I provide administrative access to my Hosting account to another user?

How do I delete an Admin User?

How do I change an Admin user's password?

What is an FTP account?

How do I set up an FTP account for a user?

How do I delete an FTP account?

What web programming languages are supported, and what advanced web hosting features are included?