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Spectrum Business gives you access to our state-of-the-art network as well as dedicated local and national support–so you can help power your business and your customers. No matter the size of their business, we deliver flexible, customizable Internet, Phone and TV solutions that offer the reliability, speed, and security they need to work more efficiently. And by bundling services with Spectrum Business there is even bigger savings with one business communications provider.

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Check Serviceability
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  • Green indicator Green indicates the address is serviceable; proceed with an installation truck roll.
  • Yellow indicator Yellow indicates some uncertainty to the serviceability so a Site Survey truck roll is needed. In general, this should be a low to no cost installation.
  • Orange indicator Orange indicates higher uncertainty for serviceability because of the distance from the plant. Most likely there will be a higher installation cost compared to the yellow (possible construction cost). A Site Survey should be requested.
  • Gray indicator Gray indicates that the entered address could not be accurately located, so a recommendation could not be made for the address.
  • Red indicator Red indicates that the location is not serviceable and should be marked accordingly.
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