Save the Most on Business Internet in Saint Paul, MN


60 Mbps Internet Means You Get More Done

Spectrum Business eliminates the worry and headaches of unreliable Internet service with over 99.9% network reliability and the fastest speeds in your area—starting at less than $40 a month.*

Not only do you deserve that kind of value, you need it to remain competitive in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.


Find Faster High Speed Business Internet for Saint Paul, MN


Spectrum Business Internet starts out at 60 Mbps. Our entry level speed is over 10x faster than the fastest DSL speeds available in your area and costs less!*

What can you do with a connection 10x faster than DSL?

  • Download a 30 MB presentation in just 4 seconds*
  • Download a 200 MB high definition video in less than 30 seconds*
  • Update your software with a 500 MB file download in 1 minute*

Your company needs to go faster and Spectrum Business has the fastest Internet available for the price. Our fiber-rich network is privately owned, managed, and maintained for maximum uptime.

Increase Productivity For All Employees with Faster Business Internet that Includes:

  • Download speeds 10x faster than phone company DSL*
  • Free desktop security, email addresses and more
  • Superior bandwidth to get more done
  • No added taxes or fees
  • No contract

Simply put, Spectrum Business Internet is the best solution for businesses in your area. And we’ll even buy out your existing contract to prove it.


You won’t find a better deal in your area. Sign up for Spectrum Business Internet now.

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Nobody Beats Spectrum Business for Speed, Features, Reliability, and Price.