We hope you are enjoying your FREE Spectrum WiFi!

  • Enables you to provide a WiFi amenity to your customers
  • Fully supported and managed by Spectrum Business– if it breaks, we’ll fix it

How Spectrum WiFi works:

Charter Spectrum WiFi is free to Charter and Spectrum Business Internet customers. Non-Charter Internet customers can also use the service for up to 30 minutes every 30 days per device.

To connect, your customers can simply follow the instructions on the table tent and highlighted below:

  1. Enable WiFi on their wireless device
  2. Choose "SpectrumWiFi" from the list of available networks
  3. Sign in with their Charter ID and password

Once a customer has signed in for the first time, they will be automatically connected the next time they are near a Charter Spectrum WiFi.

Do you need to order additional Spectrum WiFi collateral?

Simply click on the PDFs below to download and print locally

Questions or need additional information?

If you have any problems with the hotspot connection or if a customer has any questions while connecting to WiFi, they can call the Spectrum Business 24/7 technical support center at 888-362-7044.